15 Minute Manifestation Review

15 minute manifestation review

The 15 Minute Manifestation is a product that has been created by the millionaire entrepreneur, Eddie Sergey. Allegedly it is a breakthrough product that allows you to ‘reprogram’ your subconscious mind therefore allowing you to ‘manifest’ the life you always dreamed of. As you know, I’m a very keen numerologist and astrologist but this looks at things a little differently and I was immediately intrigued to see if the hype is really justified.


I’ve read books on manifestation and laws of attraction before but none of them really gripped me. I felt the concepts were a little far out and although lovely to believe in, nothing like astrology or numerology which really does benefit and enrich my life. This I can say for sure.


So, what the heck I thought – I’m going to try this course that I’ve heard so much about. So, this ladies and gentlemen, is my honest and impartial review of the ’15 Minute Manifestation’ course.


Eddie Sergey makes a compelling argument on his webpage. In amongst all the usual sales stuff is actually a really important message. That message is that we are all made of sub-atomic energy particles, along with everything else on the planet. His argument is simple – listening to specific tones can re-write the way the ‘Editor’ (that’s the name he gives to the subconscious mind) works. In Sergey’s own words, he wants to ‘re-write the software’. If you think about it, he has a really good point – the brain is nothing more than a super computer and if we can re-program a super computer, why can’t we re-program the brain?


He’s done a lot of scientific research as well and the diagram below (from his website) shows two images of the brain. One that is not in sync and one that is. The one that is in sync (he calls this ‘Hemispheric Synchronisation’) has benefitted from the special frequencies.

15 minute manifestation showing brain differences






The so-called ‘Editor’ is always fighting us to try and take our attention so we don’t have the time to focus on what really matters and improve our own consciousness.


I found a special link to purchase the software for $47.00 and bought it (it’s normally $97.00) – I’ve shared the link with you below.


Essentially the course is a series of 15-minute ‘tracks’ that play deep Theta wave tones which Sergey claims can reprogram the Editor and allow you complete freedom as well as many, many benefits. Overlaid on the Theta tones are guided meditations. The theory is that the Theta tones open up your subconscious mind and then the instructions and guidance can go straight in and is absorbed.


The interesting thing here is that it only takes 21 days to completely re-write the software and this is done through 3 different tracks. I listened to the first track for 15 minutes per day for 7 days, then the second for the next 7 days and then finally the last track for the last 7 days.


The first track aims to allow access back to the subconscious and to allow you to be open to new possibilities. The second track builds on the first and shows you how to start to get what you want more of. The final track is the most incredible in that it starts the whole manifestation possibility and you really start to understand the new power you have.


I started to feel different after the first day. The theta waves are there but you don’t really notice them too much but they do make you feel a little more open I guess and perhaps even push you a little further into a kind of trance-like state. This explains how you can absorb the content of the audio so easily.


After the first week, I felt I was behaving a little differently. I felt as though I was more in control and that more things were available and open to me. It’s a little hard to explain but I did really feel as though I was getting more in control of my life.


The second and third week built on this control and once I had finished the full 21 days I really felt very differently and still do. I feel as though I have a kind of power.


Now, this is the really important part and I realise now why I never had any luck with manifestation before. You can’t reprogram your brain while reading a book! You absolutely need the theta waves to open your subconscious and allow the speech to then start to reprogram you.


I know all this sounds a little crazy and believe me, I’m also surprised by the results. I wanted to find that this manifestation was the same as all the others and pretty much useful but I can’t say that.


I now feel totally different and I realise that my life is now much more open to me and I will be able to attain what I want.


One thing I would say about this course – you need to stick with it! If you will get it and only listen to the first few days and then not bother anymore, I don’t think this course is for you. Only spend the money on it if you really can spare 15 minutes a day for the 21-day period.


I intend to add more information to this review in due course to update you on my successes but in the meantime, I strongly recommend you try this course out.


The link below gets you the software for the special price but also gives you a 100-day money-back guarantee.


Get the package here for the special discount price

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