Introduction to Numerology is alleged to be the Internets leading source of Numerology readings and I want to find out if this is correct and if it is, what makes it so good?

As many of you know, Numerology is the study of numbers and specifically how they relate to you and the impact they have on your life and your personally. The theory goes that your name(s) and date of birth (as well as other numbers) have a direct impact on everything about you. Of course, with the numbers it’s easy to translate them into Numerology numbers but with the letters, each one relates to a number.

Most people who receive a Numerology reading are extremely surprised at how accurate it is!

Numerology Review Dan

Here’s one review that is proudly placed on the website:

As I said above, this isn’t uncommon for someone getting a Numerology report. If you’ve got one before you’ll be familiar with the strange feeling that it’s hard to imagine someone that doesn’t know you, really ‘knows’ you so well!

What do you get?

If you are new to Numerology I would suggest you firstly get the completely free report. This is obvious from the first page and needs you to only enter your first name and date of birth. You then watch a fantastic short video about your Numerology chart. It’s explained in clear English that’s easy

to understand. Not only does this video explain how to calculate the numbers but most importantly it also tells you what that means to you and what you can do to improve yourself. Go on, do it, you’ll be shocked!

You continue through the report by entering your gender and your full name which gives you an even deeper insight into your Expression Number. The image on the right shows an example of a part of my reading.

You can continue to follow the report through and after entering your email address you’ll reach the longest section of the video about your Soul Urge Number. The final part of the video can be very eye opening! I highly recommend entering your email and watching this section. 

Once the video is finished, as well as receiving an email with a link which allows you to watch the video again as well as options to continue your journey you’ll be told about the many, many more Numerology elements that you can learn about in the future.

Deluxe Numerology ReportBecause you watched the report the whole way through you are given a special discount price to purchase the complete Numerology Report. The normal price is $77 but you can pick up the Complete Numerology report for only $37. In the complete report there are over 900 calculations which tell you everything about you and how you interact with the world, both now and in the future. This can be particularly powerful as you will have an insight as to what is going to happen in your life.

Of course, I clicked that ‘Buy Now’ button! 🙂

The report itself is quite astounding and learnt an awful lot more about myself than I had when reading other reports in the past. the level of detail is quite extraordinary and I comment the people at for creating such a system that can make a report so detailed. Once you read this from front to back (which will take some time) I guarantee your life will never quite be the same again.

One of the wonderful things about this report (and in my opinion what sets it aside from the others) is that you don’t only get this very comprehensive Numerology report telling you everything you could ever want to know, but you also get several other reports.

Bonus reports

Decoding Your Telephone NumberDecoding Your Telephone Number
Did you know that your telephone number, home address or even the number of the hotel room you stay at can have an incredible effect on your life? I didn’t either. This report explains how to work out exactly what these kinds of numbers mean to you and whether the numbers you’ve been assigned are having a positive or negative impact on you. I have to say that I changed my phone number after reading this report and my life does seem to have recently taken a turn for the better.

The 10-Second ‘Lo Shu’ Personality Exposer
This incredible and powerful method allows you to instantly identify the traits of anyone you come into contact with. Everything in this report will help you to understand how other people ‘tick’ and of course, you can then use this to your advantage. The report even comes with a warning that using this on others could be extremely revealing!

The Super Simple Good Luck Multiplier Method
Like many other areas of your life, luck is also influenced by numbers. This report analyses your core Numerology numbers and explains how you can use them to bring more luck into your life. I particularly liked this report as I’m one of those people that often feels that everyone around has all the luck. I’ve now learned how to turn the tables and attract a bit of that luck to me.

Mastering Your Personal Success Matrix
This is also quite incredible. With a proven four step  system you can manifest and turn your dreams into reality. This report details how you can use this incredible system to increase your income, improve your health and even energize your relationship. I was a little confused when I first got this report though – the first request is to actually read the last page BEFORE anything else. I won’t lie, I was pretty impressed but I don’t want to spoil the fun for you!

Discover Your Power Wardrobe ColorsDiscover Your Power Wardrobe Colors
I must confess to not trying this report out yet so I cannot confirm whether or not it works but the basic premise is that the colors you wear affects your day. By knowing what color to wear, you can significantly change the direction and outcome of your day. Sounds very interesting to me!

How To Read Your Palm In 60 Seconds
We all know that palm reading isn’t anything new but who really knows how to do it? I certainly didn’t until I read this report. I was totally absorbed in this report and before long was reading the palm of almost anyone I interacted with. Most of the people were very surprised by what I told them and the reading certainly worked for me. There really is a lot more to the hands and fingers than I ever imagined and this report lays it all bare.

The 1-Minute Relationship Forecast
In just one minute you can predict the future of any relationship. Sounds quite interesting and I was desperate to find this out. True to it’s word, this report does not lie. By understanding the cycle that your life and your partners lives are in determines how successful the relationship will be. It actually makes perfect sense. The same cycles affect friendships and of course families too. I was drifting away from a very close friend shortly before reading this report and once I understand it was due to our differing cycles, everything made sense.

The “Magic 84” – Your Future Predictions & Lucky StarsThe “Magic 84” – Your Future Predictions & Lucky Stars
This report is one you have to read and then just wait. The whole premise is that it can predict your future. I have found that 2 predictions have already come true to I am eagerly awaiting the others (some of which are pretty great). There is some very revealing and interesting information in here and I urge everyone to use it wisely. With this power you really can change your life – you have the real bonus that you know what is going to happen before it does. Not many people can say that.

You also receive a software package that helps you make your own readings. The readings are of course limited but nevertheless are really useful, particularly for friends and family who are also intrigued.

The bottom line

So, the question you really want answered is, “is it worth it?”

I have to wholeheartedly say ‘Yes’.

I’ve had several Numerology readings done before, both on the internet and in person and this one is by far the most comprehensive. Not only do you get over 100 pages of personalized information but you also get the bonus reports I mentioned above. The guys at say that if you were to buy all items separately they would cost around $1500. Now I can’t independently verify that but I can say that for $33 it’s a complete bargain.

I have seen my life change since I read these reports. Not only do I understand myself better but I also (and perhaps more importantly) understand those around me. I’ve used my new knowledge to understand about my relationship (which by the way, is going to be very successful), I’ve used it to increase my income and most importantly I’ve used it to increase my happiness.

And here’s where I’ll leave it – if you don’t like the report and the free reports you have one year (no, that wasn’t a typo, I did really mean 1 year) to get your money back. That’s something I’ve never heard of before and really shows the confidence that the guys at have in their product.

I for one will certainly not be getting a refund and I’m waiting for the next few years as some pretty cool things are going to happen.

Get your FREE Numerology report here


Dislaimer! The free reports included in the main report were complete when I wrote this report. Things could change and in which case the list of free reports may no longer be accurate. Please bear that in mind. 


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