Numerology – Calculate your Numbers by John Wells

Numerology - Calculate Your Numbers - by John Wells

As most people who are into Astrology and Numerology I love reading books. I read so many books and have probably read upwards of hundreds across the topics I’m most interested in.

I decided therefore that perhaps I should start reviewing some of those books – if other people are in the same position, perhaps they would like to know which books to read and which to not.

I recently bought a completely random new Kindle book by the author John Wells. I must confess, I haven’t heard of him before but nevertheless, the price on Amazon was very reasonable for the Kindle book ($1.39) so I thought I would start off there. If you want the paperback version, it’s also priced reasonably at $6.00.

The book is clearly aimed at someone who is completely new to Numerology and explains over the course of a chapter exactly what Numerology is and how the author started exploring Numerology some years ago.

What I really like about this book is how the author writes. In so many books the author writes in some kind of cryptic message and uses language that those who want to start getting into astrology and numerology simply won’t understand fully. Wells, on the other hand, writes like he is talking to you and you understand everything very easily.

I have to say that his introduction is probably the easiest, most concise introduction I have ever read regarding Numerology. 

He clearly has a real passion for Numerology and this continues to be evident throughout the whole book but mainly in the introduction and overview chapters.

The idea of the book is to enable to user to very easily calculate the main Numerology numbers. He explains in incredible clarity how to do this and before you know it, you have very easily calculated your numbers (something, that he argues, could cost a lot of money elsewhere). There is space for you to enter your numbers which I presume is more useful if you have the paperback book. For me, I just checked his calculations with some paper and found that everything worked out as I expected.

For each number he then explains in plain, easy to understand English, exactly what that particular number means. Again, as with the introduction, he cuts through the jargon and explains in really easy to understand English exactly what you can and should expect. What I also like is that he advises what you can do to benefit the most in life now you know your numbers. Really useful.

I certainly wouldn’t recommend this book if you are already very well versed in Numerology, but if you are just starting, or have a passing interest, then this is without a doubt one of the best books to kick-start your Numerology adventure.

It’s very cheap,  has a great introduction and allows you to calculate numbers over and again for you and friends or family while explaining in easy to understand detail what everything means.

Highly recommended!

Kindle version
Paperback version

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